Professional courses and the European policy on education

Implementing the strategy of Lifelong Learning in all member states of the EU, developing uniform tools for comparing qualifications and putting emphasis on formal, informal and out of regular vocational education are crucial elements of the European policy on education formed for the next few years.

In order to meet the requirements of the EU policy on education, Syntea is involved in popularizing the Vocational Competence Certificate system for education and certification of professional competencies. The idea of the system has been created with a view to cooperate as well as integrate knowledge and professional skills with the needs of companies operating on the international labour market.

The VCC© standard provides an opportunity to acquire new professional competences (New Competences) as well as to develop the already acquired competences (Select Competences) in order to get the order to match them to the needs of constantly changing labour market. VCC© is an immensely innovative standard due to the fact that the training and certification scheme does not only entail theoretical knowledge but also involves practical professional skills, foreign language professional jargon as well as computer skills. Only this array of the the acquired knowledge and competences makes it possible to get the VCC© certificate.

VCC<sup>©</sup> Academy of Education and Partner


VCC© certification for people with disabilities from Mazowieckie Voivodeship 1.09.2015

In the period from June 2014 to the end of August 2015 Syntea implemented Aktywni na rynku pracy project aimed to 90 people with disabilities.

Syntea as the partner of Security Case Study 2015 Conference

On 15 - 16 September 2015 in Warsaw will host a conference organised by Cybersecurity Foundation. The whole agenda will be filled with the most important, current cases from the professional life of IT security specialists. Moreover conference promotes Secure Business – certified Information Security Officers in SMEs implemented by Syntea.