About Syntea SA

Syntea S.A. has been operating on the education market for over 10 years. The competence delivery system including training courses, certification, apprenticeships, internships, practical placements, and employment exchange activities allows us to guide our customers, i.e. natural persons, companies, institutions and organisations, through the entire education process, starting from analysing competence predispositions, delivering training courses, providing career advising services, organizing vocational practice, to finding and optimizing a job. The system developed by Syntea is compliant with the idea of occupational mobility of employees and adapted to the most crucial directions of the European and global education policy.

During our activity we have already acquired over PLN 65 mln for implementing local, national and international education projects, trained over 45 000 individuals and issued over 50 000 certificates. Syntea Education Partners includes over 100 public and commercial entities operating on the education, advising, and labour markets in Poland and abroad, especially in the East-Central Europe.

The company provides the following services which support the entire process of formal education competency and the "learning for life" strategy (Lifelong Learning):

  • The trainings and certification of competences are adapted to the needs of specific target groups that meet global standards in education and labor market. As part of this branch of business there are listed the following product groups:
    • edu4talents - full-scale services developing competences. edu4talents aims at K12 education sector, ranging from primary schools to high schools, technical secondary schools as well as vocational schools. Syntea SA has cooperated with the aforementioned sector for numerous years and as a result our company has developed services aiming at better adaptation of the continuing education to the needs of the labour market
    • Professional Knowledge Academy - basing on many years' experience within business sector and taking the current trends on the labour market into account, Syntea SA is involved into cooperation with higher education schools. The partnership involves opening new fields of postgraduate studies, delivering specialised workshops during studies as well as implementing education projects aiming at transferring knowledge and experience between business and higher education sectors.
    • Trainings for professionals and vocational trainings based on the international certification path, enabling the acquisition of competencies needed in work and freedom of movement in the contemporary global society. This group contains the trainings:
      • IT (Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics, Cisco, Linux, ECDL, ECCC)
      • Specialised foreign language courses (vocational language)
      • Vocational trainings (Vocational Competence Certificate, Aptech, medical)
      • Business trainings
  • Internships and placements, implemented in Poland and abroad, both for students and adults. With an extensive partner’s network Syntea organizes placements in companies with high growth potential and a high degree of innovation.
  • Employment consulting. All our activities are focused on our main goal which is proving highly skilled and qualified personnel. Moreover we help our Clients to obtaining the satisfactory educational employment. The company monitors the labor market changes and cooperates with labor market institutions and employers not only Polish, but also from other European countries. By supporting the development of a new model of training and certification in the area of vocational competencies VCC©, Syntea launches out the promotion of validation the standard of professional qualifications and increase mobility.