Certification and exams

VCC© New Competences

In order to get the VCC© New Competences certificate, a candidate must pass all examinations covering the following areas:

  • theoretical professional competences,
  • practical vocational competences,
  • personal and social competences,
  • foreign language competences,
  • IT competences.

The percentage amount that each competence is incorporated into the exam depends on the profession specification and is defined in the profession description.

VCC© Select Competences

The VCC© Select Competences module is addressed to people who want to improve, complete or update their competences. Particular courses out of the VCC© Select Competences follow current trends on international labour markets. In practice, each choosing one of the VCC© Select Competences’ modules has a possibility to customize qualifications and fit in to European and World labour markets. A training path contains from 15 to 100 hours. A given range of a particular training is presented in a syllabus.

Features of the offered education system:

  • it is a uniform system verifying skills in the view of the global labour market,
  • it meets expectations and requirements imposed by employers all over the world,
  • it provides its users with comprehensive preparation to work in a specific profession as well as complements and updates competencies within the already acquired competencies,
  • it provides an opportunity for an employee to acquire all the practical and theoretical competencies,
  • it includes four types of competencies: professional theoretical competencies, practical professional competencies, foreign language skills and computer skills.

The VCC© has been constructed in accordance with European Union directives. The abovementioned competences have been included in VCC© certification model, especially within professional foreign language as well as IT and social competences. The VCC© certification model is in accordance with European Qualification Frame Work and European Union leading initiates (Europe 2020 Strategy, CLEAN System, ECVET System)